Our unique and exciting Professional Growth Programme allows our students to explore their career goals and ambitions via sector-specific pathways.

As part of their pathway, students will develop the labour-market awareness and employability skills necessary to succeed within their chosen field. 

Students acquire this knowledge via a combination of self-led online learning in our professional growth suite and through a six-week programme of practical employability sessions. All of our learners will choose a pathway to follow over their two years at The Sixth Form. Each pathway is supported by a leading employer who have helped shaped the content that our students will cover

We currently have 10 pathways to choose from:
  • Apprenticeship Pathway Aimed at those learners who intend to undertake Apprenticeships with companies post The Sixth Form

  • General Pathway: Aimed at learners still formulating their career plans. They will be able to select relevant modules to their personal journey

  • STEM Pathway: Incorporating wider Science, Maths, Engineering and Sports Science. Some exciting career opportunities here beyond those usually considered

  • Medical Careers and Associated Industry Pathway Aimed at learners looking to progress to Medicine, Dentistry and other medical related careers

  • Social Care, Public Services and Allied Service Roles Pathway For those planning careers in Child Care, Health and Social Care, Social Work, Midwifery, Paramedic, etc.

  • Law, Policing, Probation and Governance Pathway Ideal for learners pursuing careers as Solicitors, Police, Probation Officers, Prison Officers or to work in local Government or the Civil Service

  • Business and Finance Pathway A broad spectrum pathway for those planning to go into any aspect of business and finance. Business modules set by employers in our area.

  • Creative Industries and the Arts Pathway A focused creative pathway aimed at those who wish to work in Film, Media, creative or performing arts

  • Computing, IT, Digital Strategy and Cyber Security Pathway For those experienced in IT and Computing, looking to develop industry standard skills

  • Environment, Energy and Sustainability Pathway For those learners looking for careers to shape a sustainable local and global future including Waste Management, Climate Science and more!

  • Leadership Pathway This is ideal for learners who study Social Science, Humanities and subjects likely to lead to careers where leadership is key to the role

  • Honours Pathway A bespoke programme for students on the Honours Programme. They can select a range of modules to support their personal progression plans

Our Professional Growth Programme is complimented by a variety of enrichment opportunities that align with each pathway and allow students to further develop their employability skills. The diagram highlights some of the activities that learners engage in to enable them to develop essential work and life skills needed for their next steps. 

In the second year, learners build specific skills to support progression onto university, apprenticeships, training and employment. They also focus on study skills as they prepare for examinations whilst still being able to access enrichment and wider learning opportunities.

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