Hear from our staff and discovery why The Sixth Form Bolton is a wonderful place to work.

What our staff say about us: 

“I have worked at The Sixth Form Bolton for almost 13 years and in that time, I have been encouraged to flourish and grow professionally. Through excellent management and the provision of extensive opportunities, I have been able to realise and reach my careers aspirations in a very supportive and caring environment.”

“The Sixth Form Bolton has provided support and access to a range of professional development opportunities and training that I have used to develop my pedagogical knowledge and practice as well as my leadership skills.

Good collaboration and sharing good practice amongst the teaching staff allow new approaches to be tried in the classroom and autonomy is seen to be important in teacher development.”

“As a teacher at The Sixth Form Bolton for over 20 years, I have found the staff and management to be a highly supportive team, encouraging in terms of personal development and determined to invest in you as an employee.

There is a culture of support, continual improvement and a dynamic Senior Management Team who are people focused. You will excel in your teaching and you will be supported in achieving outstanding result through excellent training and development opportunities.”

“The Sixth Form is a fantastic please to work. I joined 6 years ago as an NQT and I received all the necessary support and opportunities for development which allowed me to focus on what I enjoy most - Teaching!”

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