Enrichment is all about developing your personal and social skills and broadening your experiences at The Sixth Form alongside your academic qualifications.

There are many varied activities available for you to choose as an enrichment option. Many of the clubs and activities take place on a Wednesday afternoon and run throughout the academic year. Other activities such as First Aid and Natural Born Leaders run as short courses or one off sessions. You may be interested in pursuing an interest outside of your academic studies or expanding skills which will support your career path. Why not get involved and find out how they can be beneficial to you now and in your future.

You can find out more information about our Enrichment activities here: 

Click here to view our Enrichment Brochure

Enrichment Activities:

Cricket Academy
Boys Football Academy
Girls Football Academy
AOC Indoor Rowing Challenge
Level 2 Gym Instructor (Exclusive to Sports students)
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Voluntary Service Award
National Citizen Service
Peer Mentor Programme
Primary School Mentor Programme
Eco Action Group
Student Council
College Magazine
Law Society
Physics Club
Psychological Society
Business Enterprise
Performing Arts Academy
Brass Band
Rock Band
Book Club
Creative Writing Club
Film Club
First Aid
Sign Language
UK Senior Maths Challenge
Natural Born Leaders
Debating Society


Virtual Enrichment Challenges New For 2020/2021

This is a new initiative to allow students to engage with enrichment activities from a distance. Every half term, the departments will release challenges for students to engage with and enjoy on their own or from a distance with others. Students can participate in challenges set by any department and therefore can widen their skill set, satisfy their curiosity, and broaden their knowledge outside of their own areas of study. These challenges will be released via links on the student portal each half term and will also be available via the departments own platforms such as Instagram, Teams and Google classrooms.

Once students have completed a challenge and produced the evidence required, they will gain enrichment hours which are recorded on their profile. The more challenges a student completes, the more hours they gain. Not only are there a number of personal and educational benefits to completing these challenges, but students can also gain the bronze, silver and gold awards for their efforts.


Sport Virtual Challenges

E Sports Enrichment:

3 Teams:

• League of Legends (5 Players)

• Overwatch (6 Players)

• Rocket League (3 Players)

For our new Champs format, the tournament will now be spread over 12 months. Winter Qualifiers will consist of a large group stage where teams will face a variety of opponents and aim to get as many points as possible throughout the season. Teams will then be split into divisions in the spring season depending on their position in the leader board from the winter qualifiers. Teams will be chosen via an internal tournament so watch out for entry instructions.