Hiren Vaghela

Currently working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as UKI Commercial Account Manager


Business, Biology and Chemistry

Previous School

Mount St Joseph Catholic School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

BA (Hons) Business and Management – Leeds Beckett University / Industrial Placement: Baum Trading (2017-2018) / BA Business and Management – University of Hull (2015-2018)

Sometimes life does not go the way you had it planned but, there is always a broader picture. Don’t narrow yourself in too much whereby you might feel lost if you fall slightly off track. The Sixth Form gave me an opportunity to become independent and take the knowledge I have learned to apply to the world outside of education. With the help I received, I was supported along my journey to become the person I am today. I started off with the view to go into healthcare, but I realised that isn’t what I wanted to do long-term and, my skill set was better suited elsewhere. Taking those transferable skills, I was able to gain knowledge in different industries and organisations and roles.
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