Jennifer Wylie

 ‘After receiving such excellent careers support whilst at The Sixth Form, I felt I had the skills and experience necessary to apply for a BBC apprenticeship straight after college. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful, but after using the skills I acquired while in college to go and apply for other jobs and training schemes, which allowed me to gain more experience, I was then successful when applying for a BBC Apprenticeship the second time around in 2023. This goes to show the importance of resilience and determination in the careers world, which is something the careers team can give you lots of support with.’

Jennifer is a Production Management Apprentice at The BBC currently working on Blue Peter.


A Level Spanish, English Language and Film Studies

Previous School

Elton High School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

Jennifer first applied for a BBC apprenticeship as she left B6 but was unsuccessful. As she was determined to follow this path, she found a 16-week traineeship with the BBC where she was able to gain work experience on the set of Waterloo Road.

Following her traineeship and a role in administration, Jennifer applied again for a BBC apprenticeship in production management and was over the moon to land her “dream job”. Jennifer’s been working on Blue Peter and absolutely loves the energy of the TV studio. She’s really enjoyed her varied role and has been doing everything from feeding the Blue Peter Garden fish to booking travel for guests including Geri Halliwell and Emma Willis.

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