Mia Thornton

After completing her A Levels in Fine Art and Photography and BTEC Applied Law, Mia secured an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with UK Skills Academy working as a Graphics Assistant at BOBExpo.


A Level Fine Art, A Level Photography and BTEC Applied Law

Previous School

Westhoughton High School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with UK Skills Academy working as a Graphics Assistant at BOBExpo

"The Sixth Form Bolton embraced my talents and gave me the confidence to pursue Art and Design as a career. Future students can be rest assured that the teachers are supportive and want the best for you. You’ll be challenged but I believe this truly prepares you for the world of work as you’ll come out of sixth form with a good work ethic and self-motivation. I never thought an apprenticeship would be on the cards for me but I’m so glad I applied for one as the experience is amazing. Everyday I’m learning something new whether that be attending business masterclasses or sharing work with colleagues and getting the opportunity to support small businesses is extremely rewarding."
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