Tom Withington

After leaving B6, Tom went on to get a tattoo apprenticeship and became an artist with his own studio at the age of 20


Triple Vocational A Level Art & Design

Previous School

Westhoughton High School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

Tom is now an established tattoo artist in popular Manchester based studio Rapture.  Tattoo Tom, boasts over 13k followers on his professional Instagram account and has recently smashed 1.4million views on TikTok for one of his Darth Vader masterpieces.

“The Art and Design course really helped me to understand how to put art together, especially contrast and balance.  The skills I developed and the confidence I built really supported me in my career progression.  My teachers were passionate and approachable and we had lots of opportunities to engage in live briefs and real-world experiences.”
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