Will Scarbrough

Will joined us from Sharples High School and studied A Level Film Studies and Double Vocational Performing Arts. He now has his own film and tv review company.


Vocational Performing Arts (double) and A Level Film Studies

Previous School

Sharples High School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

Will created his own film and TV review company, Screened Cinema (https://www.screenedcinema.com/). After a couple months, he started to receive films and shows to review and promote. As well as being invited to red carpet premieres at Leicester Square. He will also be pursuing acting completely and his first feature will be for an ALBHealth advert for youth’s mental health.

"My advice for future & current students at B6 is to try out as many things as you can. So many people don’t understand how many opportunities and jobs are out there for every kind of skill, so if you keep working, keep improving and learning new skills. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a position where you can be whatever you want to be.Student should come to The Sixth Form because of the environment and support, I never felt stressed as I knew I could talk to someone for advice. And the overall atmosphere in the Sixth Form felt comforting, so if you’re ever stressed or wanted to be alone, Sixth Form was that kind of place to sit and calm down.My teachers, Samantha & Nicola helped me improve and learn so many skills that I didn’t have before. Ones that I have taken with me towards starting a business and pursuing acting. Everyone has your future in mind, always."

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