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The emphasis is on the here and now, so awareness and interest in current affairs and news is essential. You should enjoy developing ideas and opinions of the world around you. Discover what makes your parents vote the way they do, or not in some cases! 

Politics is extremely important as it affects our everyday lives. Politicians pass laws that relate to everything we do, from driving, paying taxes, education, health, law and order and the environment.

Entry requirements

Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade 6 and three GCSEs at grade 5/4, including English Language and Mathematics at grade 5/4 or above. Or eight GCSEs at a minimum of grade 5.

Topics you will study

Topics you will study include:

Government and Politics of the UK
Comparative Politics: USA
Political Ideas

Key features

In the first year, we study modern British politics. We look at: voting behaviour, the factors that determine the way the electorate vote, and voting systems. We look at the reasons for declining turnout in terms of voting at general elections. What values do the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and minor parties represent? We learn about pressure groups, what are they; what methods do they use to get their point of view across and are they beneficial to society? What makes the Prime Minister the most powerful person in British politics? What is the difference between government and parliament and what do they both do?

In the second year, we study ideologies including: Liberalism, Socialism, and Conservatism. We also study American politics.


Assessment is by three examinations. A combination of questions requiring shorter and longer answers will be given.

Paper 1 - Government and Politics of the UK

Paper 2 – Government and Politics of the USA

Paper 3 – Ideologies

Exam Board: AQA

Enrichment and Work Experience

As part of enrichment, we visit the Houses of Parliament at Westminster and you will have the opportunity to question Bolton’s three Members of Parliament. You will be invited to attend Question Time in the Houses of Commons and the House of Lords and have your photo taken outside one of the most famous streets in the world: Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence. Speakers from various institutions, such as the Electoral Reform Society, are invited into The Sixth Form to discuss various topical issues. There is an expectation to complete a one-week work placement in the Summer term.

Why choose B6?

The course is well established and enjoys good success rates. You will be taught by subject specialists who will develop individual learning plans with you.

A Level Politics is regarded as a highly academic subject and is well respected by employers and universities alike. We have excellent links with prestigious universities and progression rates to higher education are high.

Future career opportunities

Politics is a very well regarded A Level and is held in high esteem by all universities, including Oxbridge. This course could lead to a career in the civil service, social work, journalism, administration, local government, finance, banking and politics.

Additional information

Politics students must follow the news carefully. Politics is an ever changing discipline. Political figures change roles and policies change and develop on a daily basis. Students need to be aware of all of the latest political issues and debates.

Anisha Mohammed

Anisha Mohammed

A Level History, Mathematics and Politics and Honours Programme with EPQ

Previous school:
Harper Green School

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