Emily Carney

After graduating from her Psychology degree, Emily took her career in a different direction in order to try and pursue her dream of a career in football and becoming a Professional Match Official. In 2020, Emily was promoted to the FIFA list of officials for the first time being the youngest ever match official out of the men and women to be promoted to this list. Emily is highly ambitious and has won awards including Female Match Official of the Year in Lancashire 2018, and Young Match Official of the Year in 2017 for the Bolton and Bury League. 

In 2020, Emily operated as Assistant Referee in the Women’s FA Community Shield and operated as Reserve Assistant Referee in the Women’s FA Cup Final. Other achievements include officiating in the Women’s Champions League and the Women’s EURO Qualifiers.


Physical Education, Psychology and Law

Previous School

Mount St Joseph Catholic School

B6 Class of


Life after B6

Professional Match Official

My advice to current students is to study what you enjoy. I chose subjects at The Sixth Form which I knew I would enjoy, which aided me in excelling in these subjects as I was motivated to attend the lessons and learn more about the topics.
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