Dr Thomas Proctor

Don’t be afraid to follow your interests, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. So many opportunities, both academic and otherwise, require you to push yourself, take chances and make mistakes in order to see and expand what you’re capable of.
The Sixth Form is a fantastic place to meet a wide range of different people, each with their own plans and ambitions, all whilst receiving excellent academic and practical education.
The hospital experience week arranged for me by The Sixth Form and the excellent advice received regarding personal statements all helped me to perform my best in the university application process. Every teacher I had could not have been more supportive of my plans and truly went out of their way to help whenever they could.

Currently working as a doctor at Oldham Hospital. Thomas studied Medicine at The University of Manchester and has had a paper published about paediatric allergies in a peer-reviewed medical journal for which he was lead author.

Thomas took a gap year after studying at B6 and worked for a year, six months of which was as a Health Care Assistant for adults with mental health diseases. 


Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics

Previous School

Outward Hindley Academy

B6 Class of


Life after B6

The University of Manchester, Medicine

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