Pastoral Care

Each student at B6 is assigned to a Progress Coach who will oversee their well-being, progress and achievements. They work closely with teachers, parents and carers and help to support students to manage their personal and academic progress. Tutor group sessions take place weekly throughout the year and are an important and compulsory part of our students’ timetables. They cover a range of topics from healthy lifestyles to progression planning and developing an advanced level mindset. Students meet regularly with their Progress Coaches for 1:1 meetings to review their progress and to agree personal performance targets. They take part in a variety of Learner Voice activities to help shape The Sixth Form and have the opportunity to join an active Learner Voice group or become a Student Governor or Ambassador.

Learning mentor support is available to help students to develop advanced level study skills and provide access to specialist advice from external support agencies. The Sixth Form is committed to everyone’s safety and wellbeing; The Sixth Form’s counsellor and BSafe team are also a key part of the pastoral team.

Learning Support

At The Sixth Form Bolton we provide support for students with a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Physical

  • Mental Health

  • Anxiety


  • Dyslexia/Dyspraxia

  • Learning

  • Visual and Hearing

  • Medical issues

This list is not exhaustive.

If you have a specific learning difficulty or a disability requiring learning support, please ensure that you tell us when you apply. Early applications by January prior to entry are needed to enable us to liaise directly with you, the staff in your school and your parents or carers. This helps us to have a clear understanding of your support needs and to apply for relevant funding, where appropriate. Transition visits to The Sixth Form start whilst you are still in Year 11. 

Types of support available include:

  • In class support: A Learning Services Assistant (LSA) in some of your classes

  • 1-1 sessions: arranged session in S24 to assist with catch-up work, proof reading and organisation skills

  • Sessions with our specialist tutor: For specific learning needs such as dyslexia

  • Group sessions: Group sessions which are subject specific giving you extra help

  • Stress management

  • Transition to and from The Sixth Form

  • Lunch-time support

Access Arrangements

After having been assessed, you may qualify for Access Arrangements.  This simply means that we will make sure you can access exams equally.  You may be entitled to a reader, scribe, extra time, rest breaks etc.

Assistive Technology

We have technology to assist your learning in The Sixth Form:

  • Laptops/iPads

  • Reading Pens

  • Biofeedback relaxation technology

  • Speech to text

  • On-screen overlays

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is a safe quiet space in S24 at The Sixth Form to access information and support to help your mental health and wellbeing. 

Here we offer a range of activities to support learning, physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Biofeedback relaxation technology

  • Group workshops

  • Arts and Crafts and much more

Religious Festivals

As a diverse, multi-faith community, The Sixth Form recognises that students and their families will want to celebrate religious festivals when they occur. A day’s holiday is allowed if these festivals occur during the week in term time.

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The LRC provides a breadth of support for learning. The online resource library, student intranet, TEAMS and Google virtual learning environment (VLE) complement the traditional range of books, journals and learning resources. Practical help is available to assist with researching for homework, coursework or assignments.

Student and Parent Portals

The Student Portal can be accessed anywhere through The Sixth Form intranet or website and provides information and regular updates about your attendance, exams, and performance reviews as well as your current timetable. The Parent Portal is available through the website and in addition to the information on attendance and progress, it provides regular news updates and all student progress reviews for the year. A Parents’ Welcome evening takes place in September where help is provided to register for the Parents’ Portal, in addition to the Parents’ Guide to The Sixth Form.

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