A Level Religious Studies Visit University of Manchester and Museum

B6 Students with Dr Michael Hoelzl and University of Manchester Student Ambassadors

B6 Students with Dr Michael Hoelzl and University of Manchester Student Ambassadors

Some of our first-year A level Religion, Ethics and Philosophy students visited University of Manchester as part of a shadowing opportunity. They attended a ‘Truth and Truth Telling’ lecture delivered by Dr Michael Hoelzl and hosted by the Religion and Philosophy department. The lecture, delivered to the 1st Year undergraduate students as part of their degree, focused on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa set up in the aftermath of Apartheid. Students participated in the activities of the lecture, including group work tasks and discussions and gained insight into the historical, sociological and political interdisciplinary links concerning the issue and the religious undertones of forgiveness and humility at the heart of the TRC, which was led by former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This was an incredible opportunity that the University of Manchester offered, which the students greatly benefited in developing their understanding of university level study. Subsequently, there was an opportunity for Q+A with the student ambassadors following the lecture and a campus tour to find out more about university life; alongside a visit to Museum of Manchester.

Image of students in course talk

Teacher of Religious Studies, Lee Dickson, commented:

“I was delighted the students found the experience very enriching as they not only gained insight about the course and university life but also enjoyed being intellectually stimulated by the experience of participating in an undergraduate lecture, learning and discussing themes regarding linguistic constructivism, how a nation’s road to a lasting peace was via the TRC and the power and nuances of language in shaping peace. They will also find this experience to be rewarding as they complete their first year studies studying themes such as Christian moral principles and action and as they approach their second year studies, which features topics such as religious and meta-ethical language.”

The students really enjoyed the day saying:

“In addition to the lecture which gave me a solid insight into style of university study which appeals to me, I also enjoyed finding out more about the university itself via the tour.” Keira Markland (A level Religious Studies, History and English Language and Literature)
“I particularly liked learning about the university, and style of learning.” Isabelle Flannery (A level Religious Studies, History and English Literature)
I very much found it useful to learn how people learn at university, in terms of process of attending a lecture, what equipment is required, how to access resources, and about degree level assessments and work. I also found the lecture itself to be fascinating.” Areeba Abbas (A level Religious Studies, Accounting and Business Studies).

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