The Sixth Form Bolton celebrates GOOD Ofsted Report

“A safe, secure environment” where “students develop their confidence and resilience to help them achieve and progress”

Staff and students at The Sixth Form Bolton are delighted to once again be recognised as a Good college following a recent Ofsted inspection.

The Ofsted report commended the many positive practices that are taking place across all aspects of The Sixth Form.  Amongst the many highlights from the report, standout comments state that:

  • “Leaders create a safe, secure environment” where “students feel safe and well supported.”

  • “Students are positive about their learning” and “they are ambitious and have clear aspirations for their future.”  

  • “Students develop their confidence and resilience to help them achieve and progress in their studies.”

  • “Most students progress to university” and “many are proud they are the first in their families to access higher education.”   

Inspectors praised how “leaders support students with high needs very effectively”, and how due to the individualised transition strategies in place, that “students feel less anxious and have a readiness to learn.”

The report continues to praise the quality of teaching, statin that “teachers are well qualified” and “students benefit from effective teaching strategies”. 

Focusing on employability, Inspectors recognised that “students have access to meaningful work-related opportunities” and “receive effective, impartial careers advice and guidance.”

Overall, the report confirms the good quality of teaching and learning and that “students enjoy their courses, achieve well” and “their results are above the national average.”

Stuart Merrills, Principal at The Sixth Form Bolton is delighted:

“I would like to thank the staff and students at The Sixth Form Bolton for all their hard work and efforts and the constructive impressions they made on our external guests. The students in particular represented their College with pride and enthusiasm and staff effectively demonstrated the wide range of strategies employed to help develop our students’ academic and wider personal and employability skills that enable students to progress. It is important though, to realise that Ofsted observe a snapshot of College life over a relatively short time period, but it is the sustained effort, quality, attitudes and ambitions of everyone in the organisation that lead to our year on year sustained positive outcomes.”

Sandra McManus, Deputy Principal – Curriculum, at The Sixth Form Bolton added:      

“Our Ofsted report showcases the incredible nature of The Sixth Form which has the individual at the heart of all that it delivers. This means that individual ambitions and ways of learning are supported and that all students unlock their personal potential and are fully prepared for their next steps. We are very proud of our learners and how they embrace everything that is on offer, in order that they join the workforce post-18 or post-degree with a raft of academic and highly developed employability skills.”

Read the full report here.

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