The Sixth Form Praised for Core Maths Success

Second-year B6 students: Zeng Tham and Gizem Hasanova

The Sixth Form has been praised several times, recently, for our success in the promotion of the Level 3 AQA Core Maths qualification. The Core Mathematics qualification is studied alongside students’ Level 3 programmes giving them a chance to extend their mathematic skills beyond GCSE and gain AQA Certificate Level 3 (the equivalent of half an A Level) which is recognised and sought after by universities and employers.

In a recent Independent article, Sir Adrian Smith, president of the Royal Society, was quoted as saying:

“In a world where data is everywhere and statistics underpin an increasing number of jobs, young people will require analytical skills more than ever before – but we’re letting a huge proportion of them enter the workplace without sufficient maths, stats and data skills. The Prime Minister is committed to ensuring all young people study some form of maths to 18 – core maths can be a way of delivering that but at the moment, provision is just not there.”

The Sixth Form is the only 16-18 provider in Bolton that offers Core Mathematics and we have over 220 students studying the qualification which the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme are extremely impressed with saying:

“The key to the success of Core Maths within [The Sixth Form] has been the massive enthusiasm and positivity that the staff have for the qualification. They believe strongly in the value of the qualification and how the content is practical to the lives of students and teachers. In promoting this message, they have gained support from teachers in other subjects, parents, and the students themselves.”

Core Mathematics is an excellent qualification for students who haven’t chosen to study A Level Mathematics but are studying courses with mathematical elements such as the Sciences, Economics, Business, Accounting, Computing and Psychology.

Our recent OFSTED report referred to our Core Maths qualification saying:

“All students who do not study mathematics as part of their advanced programmes in accounting, computing, economics and science undertake a core mathematics qualification in their first year. This helps them secure the underpinning mathematical skills they need to cope with the demands of their courses and prepare them for higher-level study.” OFSTED report Oct 2023.

Students studying the qualification are very positive about it and In a survey conducted by The Sixth Form, 98% pupils rated their experience as positive, calling it: “challenging”, “enjoyable”, “helpful”, “practical”, “relevant” and “rewarding”. The grades achieved are also very impressive, with 50% attaining an A or B from the 2022-23 cohort.

Former Sixth Form student, Claire Taylor who is now in her first-year at the University of Bath studying BSc Psychology (Hons) found Core Maths to be very beneficial and said:

“Doing core maths helped me to get into my first-choice university, as having the extra qualification meant I was eligible for a reduced offer as my grades did not match their standard offer. Also, studying core maths gave me an insight into how tax is calculated and how student loans work, which is useful to know now as a university student and when I get a job after I leave university. Core maths also gave an introductory into statistics, which now as a psychology student has helped me as my course is quite stats heavy. I wouldn't have had any prior statistical knowledge if I had not done core maths as I did not do maths (or psychology) at A Level.”

Our current students are also really positive about Core Maths. Zeng Tham, a former Harper Green student, who achieved an A in Core Maths said:

“I enjoyed taking Core Maths and appreciate the fantastic support that the teachers provided. The subject has helped me with Biology as I've gotten more confident with calculations, analysing graphs and data, and putting numbers into context. It has also given me a better understanding of personal finance, which will be helpful in the future.”

Gizem Hasanova, a former Little Lever student, who plans to study Medicine at university next year said:

"I'm really grateful to have had an opportunity to be able to study core maths, it has helped me a lot in my subjects, especially psychology when analysing data and understanding sampling. Core maths adds to UCAS tariff points, so when applying for universities who take into account tariff points it will help boost applications and the succession of getting an offer, this is extremely important and useful as it increases the chances of getting into the course that you want to do."

The course is mandatory for students studying a combination of two subjects requiring some mathematics; sciences, accounting, economic, business etc, whilst also being open to students who want to study it out of general interest. Learn more here

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