B6 Students Excelling in Competitive Sports

A number of students at The Sixth Form have been celebrating success in their chosen sports. We have recently launched a bespoke Sports Performance Pathway, a training and development programme for young athletes who compete at a high level in any sport. B6 boasts elite athletes from a wide range of competitive sports including rugby, swimming and netball.

Oliver Crooks, Grace Taylor, a former Sharples High School student and Grace Robinson a former Westholme School student all swim for Bolton Metro Swim Squad. Recently Oliver, Grace Robinson and Grace Taylor all travelled with Bolton Metro to compete in an international meet in Saint Dizier in France.

Grace Taylor and Oliver Crooks

Oliver, a former Ladybridge High School student is the northwest regional champion in his age bracket for 200m butterfly. Oliver studies A Level Chemistry, Mathematics and Physical Education at The Sixth Form alongside the Sports Performance Pathway. He competed at the British summer nationals in August and is competing at winter nationals for the 200m Butterfly. Oliver said he chose to join The Sixth Form’s Sports Academy because:

It gave me my own personal PT that teaches me about nutrition, recovery, and different types of gym training. The PT helps everyone to make their own personal gym plans around their weaknesses in their sports. This will help everyone to improve their weaknesses and help them improve in their sports. 

Ted Lee, a former St James’s High School student, is a White belt in Jiu-Jitsu and recently won two gold medals at the Empire Grappling: Greater Manchester Open. Ted studies A Level Business Studies and Physical Education and Vocational Level 3 Public Services at The Sixth Form.

Ted Lee

Jack Lightbown, a former Ladybridge High School student, is also a member of The Sixth Form’s Sports Academy and has recently attended the England Rugby Front Five Forwards Development Camp at Bisham Abbey. Speaking of The Sixth Form’s support for students who compete in sports, Jack said:

 “I have learned lots of important skills, including working with others, developing others in a professional training capacity and how to be resilient. I am truly thankful to The Sixth Form for teaching me how to be mentally as well as physically prepared for competing at such a high level.”

Find more information about our sports academies here.


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