B6 Students Showcase Creative Talents

As the new students settle into life at The Sixth Form Bolton, the college was delighted to host a celebratory evening of art and performance by our talented first-year creative industry students. 

During the first four weeks of college, the first year Creative Arts and English students had been provided with the challenge of producing, devising and creating work ready for this showcase event. Students studying the Arts, Film, English, Performing Arts, Media and Music put on a fabulous display of singing, live music, performances, presentations, films and English artefacts.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the subject staff to meet parents and carers and answer any questions they may have, but also for parents or carers to engage with their young person’s educational journey and support them in their studies.  

First-year A Level student, Isabelle Flannery, joined The Sixth Form in September and is currently studying A Level English Literature, History and Religious, Ethics & Philosophy. The former St Joseph's RC High School pupil chose to showcase what she has learned in her English Literature lessons by researching the history of William Shakespeare and creating a model of the famous Globe Theatre.

Isabelle said:

“I have loved my first four weeks at The Sixth Form, I have learnt so much already.  It has been fascinating to lead on a research project and to have the opportunity to display my work to friends and family”.

Mofifoluwa Oyesola, another first-year A Level student, chose to present her research project from her first few weeks as an A Level Media Studies student. The Media Studies students were challenged to pitch an idea for a media product with a unique selling point.  Mofifoluwa researched and pitched a brand-new app designed to support young children with their phonics and spellings.

Mofifoluwa said:

“The project has been a great introduction to the subject, I have enjoyed the research elements and presenting my ideas to my peers.”

Samantha Lawther, Head of Performing Arts at The Sixth Form Bolton, said:

"We couldn't be prouder of our new students who rose to this incredible challenge.  The talent that was showcased on this evening was exceptional and students have already proven they have bright futures ahead of them in the creative industry.  It was also great for us to meet so many parents and we are really thankful that so many could make it and support us."

The Sixth Form Bolton is extremely proud of all of our incredible first-year students for completing a successful induction and settling into the B6 community.

studens in performance
studens in performance
Student with laptop
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