Local MP Inspires Sixth Form Students

Students from The Sixth Form Bolton were delighted to welcome Yasmin Qureshi, Labour MP for Bolton South East to The Sixth Form for a presentation on her career and route into politics.

The talk was arranged by A Level Politics, History and Mathematics student Anisha Mohammed, as part of The Sixth Form’s Learner Voice and Politics Club.  The Learner Voice is a social action group of likeminded students that work as a student council in order to drive change and progression in the college and the local community.   The Sixth Form’s Politics Club recently organised a student-led voting drive to inspire their fellow learners to register to vote in the forthcoming elections.

Yasmin addressed the audience of first and second year students with an introduction into her career in law, detailing her journey as a Barrister, followed by her progression into politics.  Yasmin discussed her passion for fighting for the rights of young people and the importance of voting, and how young people are often misrepresented in the media.

The Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, first elected in Bolton South East in 2010, discussed Labour’s manifesto, focusing on the importance of creating better well-paid jobs, affordable homes and the future of renewable energies.

The students were exceptionally engaged and extremely welcoming, finishing the presentation with a series of questions they had prepared.  Students asked a range of topical questions on relevant issues such as the current strikes, Brexit, the NHS crisis, lowering the voting age, mental health in politics, the living wage and the Gender Reform Bill in Scotland.

Speaking about her visit to The Sixth Form, Yasmin Qureshi said,

“I am always happy to visit The Sixth Form, as I am eager for young people to better understand the role of MPs, as well as generate interest in local issues. These students are the next generation of future leaders and if I can give just a bit of my time to help them, then that is the least I can do.”

Yasmin, who was one of the first Muslim women to enter parliament, highlighted her passion for voting and how important it is to drive change and progression. She said:

“My advice to the young people of Bolton is to register to vote as soon as possible. The more young people that vote, the more policies will be created that focus on the real issues that affect young people.  The youth of today are often unrepresented in politics, but they don’t vote.  If you want to see change, then vote.”

Amongst those in the audience was A Level student, Joseph Stone.  He said:

“I found the talk really interesting and I learned a lot about how local MPs work on a daily basis”.  Joe who is studying A Level Law, Geography and English Language at The Sixth Form, said, “It was especially great to hear about Yasmin Qureshi’s career in law, and the skills needed to become a solicitor or barrister.  I’m more determined than ever to pursue law as a career”.

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