B6 Honours Programme Students Visit the University of Cambridge

Earlier this term, our Honours Programme students visited University of Cambridge as part of their HE+ Programme.

The B6 Honours Programme is an additional pathway for students whose aspirations are to progress onto highly competitive courses at top universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge and those in the elite Russell Group of universities. The Honours Programme is a supplement to our students’ academic provision, aimed to help equip them with skills in wider academic research, debating and critical thinking. 

As part of the Honours Programme, students benefit from tailored support for specific applications to Medical professions, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Law, Maths and applications to Russell Group Universities; the study of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ); participation in prestigious University Access Programmes and Cultural trips and visits.

Simon Christian, Senior Leader with Responsibility for the Honours Programme felt the trip was a great success and said:

A group of second years Honours students enjoyed a fantastic two day trip to Cambridge University as part of their HE+ programme. The students enjoyed some fantastic stretch and challenge sessions where they were asked to research and think like a super curricular superhero! Staying at St John's College meant that the students were experiencing a College that is over 500 years old, as it was founded in 1511!! A truly inspirational place!!!!

Second-year student, Abigail Robinson, who studies A Level History, Psychology and Religious Studies with EPQ really enjoyed visiting Cambridge and said:

The Honours Programme has helped me so much, especially with the EPQ which has taught me how to reference and search for reliable academic research on complex topics.
The Cambridge trip was also a fantastic opportunity as you had the opportunity to talk to professors and the admissions team for Cambridge,
Whilst at Cambridge, we had a lecture on the Humanities and STEM which was very informative and gave you a taste of what university level study is all about. The trip really benefited me as I got to stay in the Cambridge students’ accommodation so I got a real feel for what university life was like. this really reinforced the fact that I did want to go to university, and I could live away from home if I chose to. 

Find out more about the Honours Programme here.

Cambridge river image
University of Cambrideg Buildings
People on guided tour of Cambridge
People on guided tour of Cambridge
Cambridge River
People on guided tour of Cambridge
People on guided tour of Cambridge
People on guided tour of Cambridge
Cambridge University Building

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