B6 Media Students Visit Media City for BBC Workshops

This month, the BBC invited a group of our media students for some amazing workshops at Media City. Our students had the opportunity to find out more about the many different aspects of production, broadcasting and Engineering that ensure the BBC is one of the largest broadcasters in the world. The students took part in a range of workshops and activities taking a closer look at:

• Software & Data Engineering
• Broadcast Engineering for Television
• Audio Engineering & Music Technology
• Employability

These events and workshops were a chance for our students to get hands-on and try out the daily tasks of BBC broadcast Engineers. From App development, Website infrastructure, to setting up live Outside Radio broadcasts in one of the BBC OB Trucks. This was a very practical opportunity for young people to work together to “make things work” and identify and solve potential problems across all aspects of Engineering in Broadcast and Media.

In addition, the students were invited back for an employability and careers special delivered by the BBC HR’s recruitment team and our BBC STEM Ambassadors who work in Engineering roles and BBC early careers ambassadors. This was a brilliant session to get prepared and look at the actual routes into the careers demonstrated during the events and workshops and put their questions to the BBC staff.

The students were an absolute credit to the college and impressed the staff with their knowledge, maturity and willingness to learn new technologies. The team were so impressed they have offered to support their applications for future higher-level apprenticeships and employment.

Well done to the eight students involved and a huge thank you to Marvin, Nat and all of the team involved in giving such an incredible opportunity to our students.

To find out more about A Level Media Studies at B6 here

Students sat at tables
Two people in front of mixing desk
Group photo of students
Students at desk with man delivering session
Students using recording equipment
Group photo of students
Birdseye view of BBC gardens
Media City signage
Two people using recording equipment

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