EPQ Student Delivers Presentation on Effective Project Management

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a pivotal and bespoke element of the B6 Honours Programme in which students undertake independent academic research on a topic of their choosing; usually relating to their career aspirations and topics of academic curiosity.

An EPQ helps students to develop a useful range of extra study skills, helping them to prepare for the demands of university work. It is valued by higher education institutions as it demonstrates a dedication to independent learning and is often included in offers made by institutions to applicants.

First-year A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with EPQ student, Hakar Fatah is currently planning his project around a Pharmacy related research question which blends a medical and historical assessment of the effectiveness of medicinal treatments for depression and anxiety. As part of his EPQ preparation, Hakar has had to develop his project management skills and after finding PERT charts really effective, he decided to deliver a presentation on this to other EPQ students, enhancing his own and his peers’ knowledge and understanding of different ways in engaging with effective project management. Hakar took the initiative to conduct additional research into methods of project management and found that PERT charts are useful for mapping projects and engaging with the planning process in a visual and creative manner.

Through dynamic workshops, students learn the necessary skills such as research methods, time management, planning and decision making, writing extended analytic and evaluative reports and referencing and reflective logs and presentations which make the qualification highly respected by Russell group and Oxbridge universities and employers. This is because learners are equipped to be independent critical thinkers who can engage with peer reviewed academic research and critically analyse different sources presenting a range of evidence from research and activity logs to document the creation of their final product.

The Honours Programme students find the EPQ project and and sesssions supporting it really beneficial saying:

“Since I have started doing EPQ, I have found the sessions quite helpful and easy to understand. I now know the basics of what needs to be done for my EPQ, what targets I must achieve, and how to achieve them.” Mohammed Owais 
“I undeniably value the course; not only does it excel in teaching saliant skills like critical thinking, analysis, research and planning, it helps us to get a feel of what writing a report is like and presents an overview of university style study.” Current EPQ student 
“I wanted to email to show my appreciation for all the lessons and making them really engaging not just for me but the whole class.”  Hakar Fatah
“I most definitely appreciate the skills EPQ provides not just within a formal academic setting but as well as being able to adapt and utilise these skills in future employment.” Current EPQ student

Thank you to Hakar for sharing his knowledge with his peers and good luck to all of our EPQ students. We look forward to your final pieces. Find out more about our Honours Programme with EPQ here.

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