First-year B6 Student Takes Part in the Great Debate

B6 student, Isabelle Flannery

Last term Isabelle Flannery, a former St Joseph's RC High School student who now studies A level Religious Studies, History and English Literature at B6, participated in The Great Debate 2024.

Isabelle, a member of the B6 Debating Society, took part in a regional heat at Bolton School as part of The Historical Association’s annual competition. Competitors were tasked with providing a 5-minute contribution answering the question: Which historical place or person from your local area deserves greater recognition? In her response, Isabelle combined her interest in history and religion by providing an insightful review of the life and times of George Marsh, a local martyr of the English Reformation. Isabelle competed against ten others from different schools and colleges from Bolton and the surrounding areas who were judged by university historians.

Whilst there was one winner who moved onto the next round, the presiding judge acknowledged that all contestants, including Isabelle, could have fared very well against the finalists of last year’s debate, demonstrating the calibre of the presentations heard.

Isabelle also received additional positive feedback from a member of the Historical Association for her interesting contribution and historical storytelling in conveying her arguments.

Lee Dickson, Teacher of Religious Studies, who leads the Debating Society was really impressed saying: 

“I was impressed with the maturity and professionalism that Isabelle displayed in preparing for and getting involved with this debate. She rose to the challenge of not only engaging in a public speaking activity to a diverse audience of other pupils and their parents and academics, she gave an insightful account with accurate historical facts and reasoning that drew upon complex source material of the 16th century. It never ceases to amaze me the skill of some of our young people and their enthusiasm and ability in conveying ideas through the spoken and written word. All of the presenters should be proud of this achievement.”

The debating society is a bespoke training opportunity open to any student to develop critical thinking and employability skills, honing in on the art of persuasion, command of logic and reasoning and research, interpersonal and collaboration skills to help our learners be world ready.

Find out more about the The Great Debate here




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