Futures Academy Launches

Futures Academy 2023-4 Cohort

Our Futures Academy, now in its seventh year and designed for aspirational students on Triple Health and Social Care, launched in late October. 

Twenty students were selected following a rigorous selection process which included a letter of application and an interview with our Health and Social Care department. 

Our first session, delivered by NHS staff from Bolton Royal, featured a talk from two Children’s Nurses and included a masterclass on fracture repair. An excellent introduction to the course which was received warmly by all in attendance. 

Futures Academy Session

Beaumont Hospital Placement 

Our long-standing partnership with the Beaumont Hospital continues to flourish and grow. In November the first pairing of students were sent working alongside Doctors, Surgeons and Nursing staff. During the week's placement, students were exposed to Pharmacy, MRI, and observation of surgeries including Arthrosporic surgery (knee) and Perineoplasty (Gynecologic). Feedback of our students Lilly and Sasha was fantastic with the hospital noting how friendly and kind they both were. 

In noting how reliable and professional our students have been, the hospital has agreed to open some opportunities for our students to take up banking work over the summer holidays. 

We are very proud of our students and look forward to seeing their progress over the year and beyond. 

Image of student in session
Image of student in session
Image of student in session
Image of student in session

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