Local School Students Engage in Expressive Arts Club

Art, Craft & Design Session

Evie Brierley

Large Painting Session

Layland Smith

Lily Tinker

Lily Tinker, Evie Brierley and Layland Smith

The Sixth Form Bolton was proud to host an exciting after-school club for school pupils with a passion for Art and Design, and for those interested in pursuing a career within the creative industries.

Budding artists were invited to engage in the School of Expressive Arts – After-school Club, a six-week programme designed for them to learn and develop a wide range of expressive arts skills. Over the six weeks, the year 10 and 11 pupils got to experience a range of techniques in Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Art, Craft and Design.

Week one and two saw students enlarge, trace and paint large scale painting of their choice.  The following two weeks was an introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s image making tools, getting to know the pen tool, shape, colour and gradient tools, as well as shape builder and pathfinder tools to create a vector illustration.

 During the final two weeks, students created their own sculptural needle felted artwork, using one simple needle, they learnt how to sculpt life-like or abstract soft-sculptural pieces of work, from pieces of food, to animals or a vibrant patterned piece of art!

 Lily Tinker, a current pupil at Little Lever School, said, “The club has been great for helping me settle into The Sixth Form. I now know which Art subject is best for me and I can’t wait to join in September.”

 Evie Brierley, currently a pupil at St James’s CE High School, said, “I found the club very productive; the staff are really nice and I got to learn lots of new skills.  Best of all I made new friends from other schools with the same interests as me.”

Debbie Wynne, Head of Expressive Arts at The Sixth Form Bolton said, “The club was born out of the desire to engage like-minded creative students, give them the opportunity to develop their skills, as well as make new friends.  It’s important for young people to see the benefits of studying an art related subject at a higher level, the career opportunities are endless!”. 

Learn more about the School of Expressive Arts here.

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