Politics Club Members Enjoy Topical Presentations

Students and teacher

B6 Politics Club members and Teacher of Politics, Simon Christian

The B6 Politics Club have had a fantastic start to the term with some extremely topical student presentations.

Grace Higginson, second-year student of A Level English Literature, History, Politics and Honours Programme with EPQ, kicked off the programme with a presentation on anarchism where she explored its origins and ideas about the state, society and economy and human nature. Isma Kausar, who studies A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Psychology and is a member of the Politics Club, really enjoyed Grace’s presentation and the discussion that it sparked as shown in her debrief:

The sessions topic was anarchism. We started off with a presentation by one of the politics students, Grace. Where she covered different types of anarchism and key assumptions behind the ideology. After the presentation, we asked Grace questions on her presentation and further discussed the key strengths and weaknesses of anarchism. Grace also spoke about the economic perspective of anarchism, Leading into a small discussion of free markets, which is unarguably one of the biggest debates in Economics. We also discussed the underlying ideas behind anarchism, for example what is human nature? Overall, the session brought in many disciplines from economics to psychology, used to break the debate into constituent parts and critically analyse it to gain a better understanding of anarchism. Isma Kausar

Student delivering presentation

B6 student, Grace Higginson

The following week, Philippa Lloyd who studies A Level Economics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics and Honours Programme with EPQ delivered a thought-provoking presentation on ‘The Pound (and Why We Can’t Stop Hearing About It)’. Phillipa’s presentation looked at exchange rates and what causes a currency to be weak ending with a close look at the recent ‘mini budget’ and its effect on the pound.  This again prompted some excellent discussion amongst the group.

Student delivering presentation

B6 Student, Phillipa Lloyd

The Politics club meet on a weekly basis to discuss key issues, listen to guest speakers and plan events. In their next session, they will be visiting Bolton School to attend a talk from Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons and MP for Chorley.

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