Psychology students explore the history of treating mental health

Earlier this term, 20 first-year Applied Psychology and A Level Psychology students visited the Mental Health Museum and History Centre in West Yorkshire to give them an understanding of the history of treating mental health. This fits in with their studies as they study Psychopathology as a topic. 

First, they went to the Mental Health Museum in Wakefield where students learnt about the objects and documentation relating to the historic treatment of mental health.  This collection had materials dating back to the 1600s but is largely formed of objects and a paper archive collected from the former West Riding Asylums at Wakefield, Huddersfield, Sheffield and Leeds.  The museum is one of only three in England dedicated to exploring the story of mental health and its treatment and represents the only such collection in the north of England. 

The group then went to the West Yorkshire History Centre which is also in Wakefield. They were given a presentation on the history of the Asylum linked to the Mental Health Museum and then had a tour of the archives. Students were then able to look at original artefacts including doctors’ observations of the patients at the Asylum to give the students an understanding of how they were treated. 

The trip was extremely worthwhile and thought-provoking. Thank you to everyone involved.

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Museum exhibit
Museum exhibit

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