Students Excel During Insightful Microsoft Event

Students from The Sixth Form Bolton were delighted to attend a Student Insight Day in conjunction with Microsoft and The University of Salford. Hosted at the Salford University campus, the inspiring computing professionals benefitted from a range of engaging tasks including a Design Hackathon, BrandMe session and a VR Module.

The students also had the opportunity to meet with Microsoft employees and learn more about careers within the company, as well as study opportunities at The University of Salford. Taking part in the day added weight and impact to the students’ future university, apprenticeship and employment applications.

B6 students during Insight Day

A Level student Sadakatul Islam, who is currently studying Computer Science, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at The Sixth Form Bolton, said about his experience:

“I had a wonderful exchange with employees at some of the top tech companies and got feedback about the correct steps and methodologies to make yourself stand out and succeed in Tech. The most beneficial aspect of the event for me was setting up LinkedIn with the support of a few of the event hosts and building and growing my network.”

Sandra McManus, Deputy Principal from The Sixth Form Bolton, is a huge advocate for enhancing digital skills and supported the learners throughout the trip.

“We value the opportunities afforded to our learners by partners from the GMCA because they provide high quality encounters with employers and support our young people to develop the essential employability skills that they need now and in the future. Providing our learners with opportunities to be innovative, engage in critical thinking and work with professionals as part of their own personal development are priceless. It was also great fun!”

B6 students during Insight Day

The college is proud to have a Shared Goal Agreement with Microsoft to support all leamers to achieve career enhancing Microsoft qualifications; B6 are the only Sixth Form in the country to have this currently. The Sixth Form also work with HP, Adobe, Apple and CISCO to enhance the digital experience for all learners pertinent to their study in college and their career progression plans.

As well as this key event, The Sixth Form is proud to have recently hosted a Women into Computer Science, IT and Digital Technology event, a bespoke event designed to engage and inspire the next female digital leaders of the future. Visit The Sixth Form Bolton website to discover more.

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