Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Students Welcome Guest Speaker

A level Religion, Ethics and Philosophy students were delighted to attend a bespoke session delivered by the Executive Director of BRASS (Befriending Refugees and Asylum Seekers), Malcolm Ngouala, who was also accompanied by a German foreign exchange student. Malcolm engaged in a critical discussion and Q+A with the students regarding BRASS's integration strategy for refugees, the Government Rwanda scheme and surrounding politics and socio-cultural questions concerning immigration and asylum and how BRASS supports people through ESOL classes and qualified advice, access to their service and volunteering at Brass.

Students were able to expand their global awareness and had the opportunity to explore the intersections of faith and immigration, and the synoptic links between different humanities-based issues. The session was a great pre-cursor to the students’ exploration of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount in the following sessions as they move from the theoretical to real-world application of thinking within Religious Studies.

Shahzaib Chowdhry enjoyed the session commenting:

“It enabled me to expand my awareness about where refugees and asylum seekers gain support from, and I enjoyed finding out more about BRASS and the work they do.”


“I found it fascinating to learn more about the issue of immigration and the complexities of human stories surrounding refugees and asylum seekers.”

~ Areeba

“I found Malcolm’s story moving, he himself has been through a lot in his own journey.”

~ Anonymous

A level Religious Studies teacher, Lee Dickson, commented:

“It was lovely to welcome Malcolm to the college. I know the students gained a lot from the session because they were able to have the opportunity to ask challenging questions and they left having had their questions answered comprehensively, learning more about the nuances of the issue of immigration and asylum and coming away with even more thought-provoking questions.”

 More information about BRASS and how the charity helps refugees and asylum seekers integrate successfully into the local community can be found here

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